At ConSports we provide fully equipped race day support gazebos to all athletes competing in the
Comrades Marathon. These gazebos are set-up at 3 specified points along the route, allowing runners
access to their pre-packed bags containing their own personal items and nutritional choices.

In addition to this the gazebos will offer refreshments and massage services as well as dedicated toilets
for the sole use of our runners and supporters.

We also provide a full day supporters package for the family and friends of runners participating in the
Ultimate Human Experience. This package offers supporters an opportunity to support their runners
as they take on this challenge, whilst enjoying the South African hospitality and local traditional culture
as well as experiencing the atmosphere of the Comrades Marathon.

Being keen runners ourselves and having participated in numerous ultra marathons we understand
the importance of having these support tables to get your required and preferred nutrition, as well as
the importance of having that motivational and emotional support from someone who understands
what you are going through and just giving you that extra helping hand on the day when the going
gets tough.

Our team, headed up by Mike and Moira, have both been involved in running for many years and bring
a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the most out of your ultimate human