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Mike –

I have a passion for running and started my career back in the late 1980’s. Since then, I have completed various marathons, ultra marathons, stage events and other events throughout South Africa. I am a member of the Fourways Running Club and am the current coach for the Club where I have been coaching for a number of years. I mentor and provide support where needed. I am also very involved in the Club and serve on the committee.

I understand the drive people have for improving themselves with running and have had great satisfaction with what the sport has provided for me over the years. The highs and lows of running builds our character and gives us an appreciation of what we are capable of.

With running, I have also been able to see more of our country and have been to places I would never have previously gone to.

I try to pass on my knowledge to others so they can also appreciate the joy of running.

Moira –

I am Moira Pitchers and I am responsible for the Finance, Administration and Logistics at ConSports.

My relationship with running started back in 1994 when my hockey coach forced us to start running time trials in order to get fit, up to that point in my life I had always been a team sports person.  As the years went by I found that I was getting more satisfaction from my running than the team sports so eventually running became my main sport and passion.

In my memberships of various running clubs I have always been very involved on the committees and helping to ensure that the clubs run successfully. I am currently a member of Fourways Roadrunners in Johannesburg. I have participated in various of the ultra marathons on offer in South Africa – Comrades, Two Oceans and Loskop, as well as completing some multi day events, and so understand why runners run as well as their needs on these days. My running career has given me so many memorable moments as well as allowing me to meet people from all over who have become my running friends and family.

Through this business I hope to be able to give something back and help others to experience the same joy, elation and pride that I have felt by completing some of these events.